The Unified Video Platform for Education

Planet eStream is a powerfully simple and secure video platform, making media more accessible and engaging for students and educators across secondary, further, and higher education.

  • Video on Demand
  • Secure Media Library
  • Lecture & Classroom Capture
  • TV & Radio Resources
  • Interactive Learning Tools
  • Digital Signage
  • Simple Live Streaming
  • Photo & Image Management
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What does Planet eStream Offer?

Planet eStream is a video platform that supports multiple aspects of digital media delivery in education. Features are broken down to provide a flexible modular platform, enabling you to build a solution that fits your exact requirements.

Additional feature modules can be added at any time, providing a cost-effective solution to grow with your ongoing digital media provision.

Video On Demand
Media Library

Everything to securely manage, deliver and create digital resources

Video On Demand Media Library
On-Demand Video Platform

Create your own 'YouTube' style digital library and provide educators with dedicated tools to increase student engagement. With support for video, images, audio and documents, Planet eStream is the ideal platform for securely storing and managing your organisation's digital resources.

Auto Transcription

Built-in auto transcription tools include a free service powered by Mozilla DeepSpeech or options to use third-party transcription providers for greater accuracy and support for other languages.

Microsoft Teams Integrates with Planet eStream
Microsoft Teams App

Our Microsoft Teams App enables users to share digital resources within their Teams workflow, you can also easily upload and store recorded Teams meetings to your Planet eStream video platform.

Subtitle Editor

In addition to automatic transcription services, users can create subtitles, edit existing transcriptions and upload or download subtitle files.

Flipped and Blended Learning Tools

Planet eStream offers a wide selection of intuitive tools that assist educators to streamline the integration of video content into teaching and learning resources and increase student engagement.

Planet eStream Virtual Classes
Virtual Class

Perfect for presenting and discussing media with a class or group remotely, including options for adding polls and questions.

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Add Questions to Videos
Add Questions to Videos

Add active learning elements such as questions to videos - a simple mechanism for testing and tracking student progress.

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Planet eStream Chapters notes and documents
Chapters, Notes & Documents

Highlight essential sections of videos at the click of a button, guide viewers with accompanying written commentary, and include downloadable resources to create a simple and effective student journey.

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Planet eStream Web Recorder
Planet eStream Web Recorder

An excellent tool for quickly creating videos without the need for dedicated recording software.

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Planet eStream Video Editor
Video Editor

Create video-based learning resources by combining clips from multiple videos, edit your videos and remove adverts or unwanted sections from TV recordings.

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Share and Embed Easily with Planet eStream
Share and Embed

All media stored on your Planet eStream video platform can be shared easily using built-in web links, embed codes, and dedicated integrations with learning platforms.

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Live Streaming, Lecture & Room Capture

Planet eStream provides a simple solution for live streaming, lecture, and classroom capture.

Live streaming lecture and room capture
Dedicated Lecture and Classroom Capture

A scalable and cost-effective capture solution, ideal for live streaming, recording and archiving of lectures and lessons.

Created for Education

Schools, colleges and universities benefit from features designed to streamline and enhance teaching and learning, including multiple input support (cameras, whiteboards etc.), voice transcription services, room indicators, Office 365 Calendar integration, and much more.

Simple Hardware

Autonomous hardware makes deployment simple and eliminates the requirement for educators to set up and start streams – enabling them to focus on delivering their lessons and lectures.

Live Streaming

Intuitive tools provide a hassle-free solution for delivering live broadcasts of key events, such as shows, performances, key-note speeches, sporting events, graduations, and more.


Aggregate your digital assets and enhance your student journey...

Enhance the digital learning provision of your VLE or LMS with dedicated plugins that allow users to seamlessly browse, embed and upload media from within your learning platform. Planet eStream also offers integrations with leading library management systems and management information systems, as well as technical integrations for AD, LDAP, Azure, SAML2/Shibboleth, SSO etc.

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Microsoft Onenote
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft sharepoint
Microsoft Sway

Access to Educational Resources

A video platform with unrivalled access to world-class educational content from a wide range of major broadcasters

Video On Demand Media Library
TV & Radio Recording

Record the latest TV and radio programmes from over 80 TV, Radio, and Satellite channels, all channels are cached for up to 21 days, plus you can also set up series links for your favourites!

Channel 4 PBS America S4c Smithsonian France 24
Plus over 80 more...
The Planet eStream Connect TV and Radio Archive

Browse and add content from our growing library of over 2 million TV Programmes, Radio Shows and Films.

BBC Digital and Shakespeare Archives

Search and add content from the BBC Digital and Shakespeare Archives to your Planet eStream video library.

Over 2 Million TV & Radio Programmes Available

Digital Signage with Unlimited Screen Licence

A digital signage platform trusted by thousands of schools, colleges and universities to manage and deliver engaging digital signage content.

Planet eStream Digital Signage
Multi-Panel Layouts

Create screen designs with multiple media sources, including videos, social media feeds, photos, calendar information, message boards and more.

Centrally Managed

Digital signage administrators can easily manage content, schedules and displays from anywhere

Unlimited Screens Licence as Standard

Grow your digital signage provision without increasing licence costs

Syndicate Content from Your Other Key Platforms

Integrations make it easy to pull content from your other platforms such as MIS, LMS and social media

More About Multi-Panel Layouts...

Our powerful screen designer tool allows you to bring together a wide variety of content in your screen layouts, including...

  • Videos
  • Photo Slideshows
  • Twitter Feeds Including Images
  • Internal Messages
  • Clocks and Calendars
  • External News Feeds
  • Website Pages
  • Logos & Images
  • Weather Information
  • QR Codes
  • Live Video Streams
  • IPTV
Planet eStream Digital Signage Designer

Photo Library

Planet eStream offers dedicated photo and image management tools to provide a complete digital asset management solution.

Planet eStream Photo library
Simple Workflow

Create Galleries, Collections and Lightboxes to manage, share, display and work collaboratively

Cutting Edge Tools

Take advantage of AI-assisted searching, geo-tagging and digital consent forms when managing your images

Simple Drag and Drop Interface

Uploading images is a simple process and can be achieved from any device – this makes it easy for users to quickly upload their images from any location – all popular image formats including PNG, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PSD and RAW are supported.

AI Assisted Search

Our AI engine identifies objects contained within images; this enables us to offer a fantastic assisted search option to help users find specific content within their ever growing image library.

Image Management

Classify images using your own custom tagging structure and camera EXIF data

Embedding and Direct Integrations

Share and embed Galleries into websites and other platforms using built-in share links and embed codes.

Benefits for all

The Key Benefits of a Unified Video Platform

Planet eStream includes tools and features that benefit everyone working with video and digital media content. Check out the benefits Planet eStream offers your team...

Planet estream community

How Our Customers Are Using Planet eStream

We have compiled a collection of short video clips created by members of our community. These provide great, real-life examples of how Planet eStream is supporting organisations across all levels of education.

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Planet eStream Customer Feedback
Planet eStream Customer Feedback
Planet eStream Customer Feedback
Planet eStream Customer Feedback
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