Guest Blog for the ERA

23rd May 2016 - Guest Blog for the ERA

The use of video resources in education is becoming much more widespread, as organisations seek to enhance their digital learning provision and support contemporary teaching methods. The ability to provide easy access and distribution of resources within an organisation is paramount in supporting teaching staff with their delivery of flipped and blended teaching styles. An ever increasing number of organisations, across all levels of education, are implementing Secure Video Platforms in order to simplify the acquisition and distribution of resources to students and staff.

In our experience, educators rarely require an entire TV programme or film to be shown within a lesson or lecture: they want to drill down to short clips that illustrate their concept or support their traditional resources. We have learned that the ability to create Chapters, Playlists, and Lesson Plans, and edit the content, enables teaching staff to quickly share the most relevant parts of resources with students, both inside and outside of the classroom. Some educators tell us that they anticipate that the ability to direct students to specific curriculum relevant video clips has the potential for entire lessons to be delivered online. Full programmes or films can also be referred to for follow-up study.

The Planet eStream Connect Service was launched a few weeks ago, giving access to over 1,000,000 resources from the BBC Digital and Shakespeare Archives. Since its launch, over 10,000 resources have been downloaded for use in classrooms and flipped learning content across the UK. These archives not only give access to many programmes currently available on BBC iPlayer, but contain all BBC broadcast programmes dating back to 2007, and some programmes dating as far back as 1989. The weekly top downloads from Planet eStream Connect span the entire curriculum and we thought that it would be interesting to share April’s top downloads with you.

The Horizon Guide to Space Shuttles

Relating to Subject area: Science

Overview: In 2011, after more than 30 years of service, America's space shuttle took to the skies for the last time. Its story has been characterised by incredible triumphs, but blighted by devastating tragedies - and the BBC and Horizon have chronicled every step of its career. This unique and poignant Horizon Guide brings together coverage from three decades of programmes to present a biography of the shuttle and to ask what its legacy will be. Will it be remembered as an impressive chapter in human space exploration, or as a fatally flawed white elephant?


Relating to Subject area: Computing, Design & Tech, Maths

Overview: A compilation of short-form videos which give students studying computer science an insight into how computers actually work. Filmed in real-life work settings, the videos look closely at what a computer consists of, how the various components work, how it processes data, and how it is used in robotics and software development.

Sound of Cinema – The Music that Made the Movies

Relating to Subject area: Music, Art & Design

Overview: In a series celebrating the art of the cinema soundtrack, Neil Brand explores the work of the great movie composers and demonstrates their techniques. Neil begins by looking at how the classic orchestral film score emerged and why it's still going strong today.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum Bites

Relating to Subject area: Music, Art & Design

Overview: Challenging beliefs: A series of seven programmes looking at the issues of philosophy and ethics, ultimate questions and critical thinking, exploring life’s big questions in a multi-faith way.