Planet eStream in Further and Higher Education

Guildford College uses Planet eStream across the college and curriculum to advertise events and allow students to record practical sessions: “Our counselling students make regular use of the Planet eStream encoding facilities (four separate rooms) to record their private one to one sessions. Our main reception at Guildford College uses a Planet eSign plasma display to promote news and events. Our newly built Animal Management Centre at Merrist Wood College uses a Planet eSign plasma display to advertise student messages. Our Learning Resource Centres use Planet eStream Connect and Freeview recording to store course related TV programmes to be viewed by all students.” Hugh Vaughan - Web Services, Guildford College

Digital Signage is used on thirty screens across the University of Worcester’s three campuses for communication and special events. “Planet eStream forms a crucial part of our digital media signage system. It is currently running over thirty signage players across three campuses. It allows us to effectively communicate to staff and students with a wide range of media. Planet eSign has allowed us to distribute responsibility for different signage players to staff in different departments while still keeping overall control. The wide range of scheduling options has made it easy to display content when needed for the many events we host. This is extremely important for sporting events hosted at the sports arena, welcome days throughout the year and communicating services to our students.” Robert Tipling - ICT Support Officer, University of Worcester

The Grimsby Institute had a very specific request from a student which the Planet eStream Connect Service was able to assist with: “We had a student come in yesterday asking for books on the history of Star Trek. We haven't got any so I thought I'd look on Planet eStream for anything that might be of use. Within 10 minutes the student was watching a programme about the history of Star Trek. What a fantastic resource!” Simon Fenwick - Learning Centres Team Leader, Grimsby Institute

Branded Digital Signage screens at Telford College of Arts and Technology (TCAT) are easily managed using Planet eStream: “I have only recently taken the reigns on our digital signage at TCAT which we use Planet eStream for of course! I’ve used it to create a really nice generic screen for all our digital signage players around the college. I’ve found the features and tools within the screen designer to be fantastic, in particular the features such as the RSS feeds and the live weather reporting panels! I’ve found it to be a really nice system and fairly easy to use. It’s been easy to incorporate our logos and colours into the screens with the simple uploading tools and it’s helped greatly to really give our digital signage players a great personalised feel. Can say without a doubt that the software, tools and features offered by eStream are fantastic and I thoroughly enjoy using it to design our screens and content loops!” Jake Fitchett - Desktop Support Technician, Telford College of Arts and Technology

The Academy of Contemporary Music has recently joined the Planet eStream community and is already seeing the benefits for staff and students; “We've been using Planet eStream in our organisation to allow tutors to record their own content which can be integrated into our VLE so students can view these videos with their course notes. Tutors have been using the iPhone and Android apps to create content on the move and it's proven to be quick and easy to upload and get them out to the people who need to see them.” Jo Thorpe - Junior Systems Developer, Academy of Contemporary Music ACM has invested heavily this year in new learning technologies that help underpin its world class teaching. The combination of the Canvas Virtual Learning Environment and Planet eStream is helping ACM to deliver blended learning techniques that help students learn more and achieve more. Together, we’re creating music’s new future” Oli Sussat - Director of MIS, Academy of Contemporary Music

Planet eStream plays central role in the delivery of part of the engineering curriculum at Blackpool and the Fylde College: “The engineering curriculum area delivers a health and safety unit for an engineering course completely online. As part of this the tutor does a conference call delivering his lecture each week which the students watch and participate in. This includes practical demonstrations of the PLC software the students use. These videos are then uploaded into Planet eStream and added to a playlist. The students can access these videos via Moodle which is available as a recap or for students who couldn’t attend the online session.” Jane Lomas - Learning Technologist, Blackpool and the Fylde College

The University of South Wales use Planet eStream to stream and archive graduation ceremonies to graduates and their families globally: “We have been streaming our graduation ceremonies every July and December since 2008, and our setup has grown alongside Planet eStream. Today we are using three remote Sony PTZ HD cameras and one fixed camera, plus a MacBook running QLab for VT and music, all mixed and controlled using a Sony Anycast. As well as being streamed and recorded with Planet eStream, the output is also projected on two screens either side of the stage, and the room is lit by staff and students from our Lighting and Live Events courses. Following each ceremony, I top and tail the recordings (usually just creating a chapter to make the start of the ceremony) and add it to a playlist containing all the ceremonies from that year, which is online for public viewing. I also add this playlist to an archive page of all the ceremonies going back to 2008. At the request of our Marketing department, we also ran parallel streams using YouTube and Facebook live streaming, for the first time today - hence all the laptops in the picture. But Planet eStream has been at the core of graduation streaming from the very beginning, and we’re proud to have been one of the first universities in the country to offer all our ceremonies streamed live online, and then have the archived recordings available online for proud parents and students to watch online for free, within an hour of each ceremony ending! It’s all a far cry from when I started working here, when we used to have to dismantle the TV studio and rebuild it in the hall where the graduations are held – that’s three cameras on pedestals, complete with operators and comms, vision mixer, camera control units, audio mixer etc. It was all mastered to Betacam, then someone would spend the next fortnight editing the masters to send out to be copied and distributed on VHS. We are enormously grateful to Planet for enabling this whole thing and being so supportive when we have run into any problems; we had a technical hitch during testing yesterday, and one of your support staff was able to get us up and running via email and phone.” Roger Carruthers - Media Support Assistant, University of South Wales