Planet eStream Connect Service Feedback

23rd May 2016 - Planet eStream Connect Service Feedback

It has been just over a month since the Planet eStream Connect Service was launched, and since then over 10,000 resources have been downloaded, covering all parts of the curriculum. Currently, the most popular downloads fit into the ‘Secondary History’ category; however this changes regularly and we share the top download each week on our social media channels.

We have already received great feedback from members of the Planet eStream Community, from both administrative and educator’s perspectives, a selection of which we have shared below:

I teach English and, as soon it was launched I started to make use of it in my teaching. It’s the most exciting resource I have used since I started teaching 18 years ago. John Field, Director of Digital Learning, Tudor Hall School

The new BBC Connect service is invaluable for all departments as the BBC has been creating brilliant programmes for many years and combining all of these programmes into one site is a new experience that can only benefit our teaching and learning. JFS School, London

I am currently working on a group of modules on our VLE that are relevant to all of the students within Doncaster College and the local community. I have been using Planet eStream Connect to search for shows shot in Doncaster, making them more relevant to the students, who are more invested in the content because they recognise the locations and people. Joe Carratt, Learning Technology Support Assistant, Doncaster College

As staff begin preparing online sessions for our students, we now have the BBC’s Digital Archive available to provide the highest quality multimedia content, which supports the new learning activities that are being created. Our teaching staff have been relieved to be able to source such good quality resources, and make them available to students so easily. Planet eStream Connect has taken a lot of pressure off staff, some of which are creating online learning for the first time, as they build new learning experiences for our students. Our Students are appreciating the high quality content that their online learning experiences are built around, and this is evidenced in the attendance to sessions and level of engagement whilst they are studying online, and we fully expect this to be borne out in the Student Voice feedback that we collect at the end of the year. Neil Prior, Head of Digital Education, Berkshire College of Agriculture

We have downloaded around 520 programmes since we set Planet eStream Connect up on the 11th April. These have been a combination of those I know might be of interest, direct requests and some tutors going onto Connect directly and requesting programmes (everything has to be confirmed by us). Simon Mapp, Learning Centre Assistant, Coleg Cambria

I'm really pleased we have this facility. It gives students of MFL a really rich resource which will help them in so many ways. The variety and quantity of programmes and films now easily available to all students, wherever they may be, will have a huge impact on their study of languages. Their listening and speaking skills will be developed and their awareness and understanding of many cultural and historical elements will also benefit. Not to mention the entertainment and enjoyment they will derive from watching some superb material. Linda, Modern Foreign Languages Department, Coleg Cambria

We have managed to find a BBC film about Cells which we currently only have on DVD and which was lost in the science department! Now we have it on eStream, we'll never lose it again, but also, teachers will be able to create chapters to show just the bit they want in a lesson. It is so much more flexible than a DVD. Tudor Hall School

It is wonderful to have a way of obtaining old BBC content to support teaching and learning, rather than relying on cached programmes on Freeview (which are limited by server storage). We are looking forward to the 'connect beacon' service being activated to extend the Freeview content sharing to cover the other channels. Bath College

The staff in our agriculture department have been able to access a whole host of programs, most notably the “Harvest” programs, enabling staff to use the Planet eStream content to look at different years and different harvest methods, and due to the span of programs available, they are able to look at changes in culture and technology throughout the years.

The biggest curriculum area to have benefitted from the service is the animal management department. As the BBC have a huge collection of wildlife and animal programs (all accurate and high quality), the staff in Animal management have been requesting large amounts of programs to be used within the classroom for examples, as well as whole TV shows to be used in conjunction with blended learning, enabling our learners to work both independently and collaboratively outside of the classroom. A fantastic resource. The most important elements are the speed and ease of access, and the guaranteed quality that the BBC delivers.Ben Craig, e-Learning Coordinator, Reaseheath College

We love to receive feedback from the Planet eStream Community about all aspects of Planet eStream. If you would like to share your thoughts, please get in touch.