Planet eStream at Doncaster College

18th May 2015 - Doncaster College and University Centre get on board with Planet eStream

Doncaster College and University Centre have recently invested in Planet eStream to further develop and enhance our digital teaching and learning infrastructure, creating new and improved opportunities for our students and staff to utilise digital media within teaching and learning.

It was identified from the start that a promotional campaign alongside staff training and targeted sessions with key staff would be integral to the successful launch and adoption of the system. With this in mind the driving team behind the rollout of eStream set out a plan to ensure the launch was communicated to staff both in terms of the projects progress and news, updates, and tips on what advantages the system will bring. This has had great effect ensuring staff buy-in even before the official launch (due September 2015).

Alongside the promotional campaign we are working with Planet eStream to deliver training to key staff identified as candidates to champion the system within their areas in College and the University Centre.

The final key to achieving successful awareness and buy-in was to ensure all of Doncaster College and University Centres executive and senior management team got to know the system and how it will be used to complement our VLE, and positively impact our student’s experience. This was achieved by a short demonstration followed by a practical hands-on stall at the College and University Centres recent Management Development Conference which focussed around the theme of ‘Digital College’.

All of this work has resulted in great staff buy-in of Planet eStream, with many colleagues keen to start using it as soon as possible. As we continue to prepare the system for College and University Centre-wide launch we have begun smaller scale rollouts and testing, and have received excellent praise from staff. We are all really pleased with the system so far and can’t wait to see the innovative ways our staff utilise the new service.

"Thank you to Chris Wardle-Cousins, Learning Technology Support Co-Ordinator at Doncaster College for this submission. "