Planet eStream’s New Integrations

10th April 2015 - Firefly, Moodle and MS SharePoint – Planet eStream’s New Integrations

Planet eStream is continually developing and adding new features to embed your Planet eStream system into your existing set up more effectively. Below you will find an overview of our upcoming developments:

Firefly Integration

Our new deeper Planet eStream Firefly integration allows users to upload content to Planet eStream via Firefly, and automatically embed into your course.

Firefly Upload Tool Video : Link

Moodle Assignment Submission Plugin

The New Moodle Assignment Submission Plugin allows staff to set video assignments either by: querying the Planet eStream database or uploading content to Planet eStream via the new upload and embed option. Students can then submit their video/audio assessment which can be viewed and graded by the lecturer within Moodle’s grading tools.

Moodle Assignment Submission Plugin Video : Link


MS SharePoint 2013

Our New MS SharePoint 13 Plugin enables mutual users the ability to query the Planet eStream system within MS SharePoint or add content to Planet eStream which when converted within Planet eStream will be automatically embedded into your MS SharePoint page.

Sharepoint Integration Video : Link