Planet eStream and eFaktor

17th April 2015 - Planet eStream and eFaktor- An International Partnership

We would like to introduce our first Scandinavian partner for Planet eStream- eFaktor who are based in Norway and Denmark.

‘eFaktor is the official Moodle Partner in Norway and Denmark. Moodle is the world’s most recognised learning platform, and is based on open source code. This learning platform is used by 65 million users in 218 countries on over 66,000 installations. eFaktor translates and maintains the language packs in Norwegian.

eFaktor has over 14 years of experience in developing e-learning. During this there have been huge changes in technology, and how we access the web. We see that mobile devices for learning are replacing desktop computers as the most common form of access. We keep a close eye on the evolution of tomorrow’s solutions, so that we can adapt and be prepared for new forms of learning. With eFaktor you are guaranteed the expertise and support you need, to develop and build competence and excellence in your organisation. '

We supported eFaktor at Moodle Moot Scandinavia in Sweden in February, where we exhibited and presented a session on live video capture, live streaming, video content management and our NEW Moodle Assignment Submission Plugin.

We look forward to working with eFaktor and working together to bring Planet eStream to Scandinavia.