Planet eStream and the Languages Resources Centre at Newcastle University

Product Development Director, Andrew Milburn, attended the Association of University Language Centres (AULC) conference in Belfast in January 2017, to demonstrate Planet eStream.

Andrew Grenfell, Manager of Resources for Open Learning at Newcastle University, has been a Planet eStream user for a number of years. He was presenting at the conference on the topic of ‘Providing languages for all and much more through digital media’. In this talk he showed how Planet eStream’s use in the department has developed from its initial purpose of solving DVD storage issues.

Planet eStream is now used extensively within the Language Resource Centre at the University to give access to a vast amount of language and cultural media, including live international TV channels and an expanding database of foreign and English language resources.

Andrew shared with us a flyer for their World TV & Film resource in the Language Resource Centre detailing the type of content that can be accessed via their Planet eStream solution by students in the department. The flyer also serves as an ideal illustration as to how Planet eStream can be personalised to reflect the branding of either the department or organisation using the system. You can view the flyer below.