Planet eStream is The True Group Wide Video Learning Platform

The True Group Wide Unified Video Platform

Planet eStream has become the solution of choice for school groups, trusts and entire education authorities who want to support video based learning across their estate. The flexibility of the Planet eStream platform, coupled with the knowledge and experience of our systems design team, ensures the delivery of a truly group wide collaborative solution.

We understand the group model better than anyone else. We will work consultatively with you throughout system design, installation and commissioning, roll out and aftercare, to ensure that your Unified Video Platform meets all of your needs.

Many video on demand solutions only provide a generic login to a platform with little or no customisation and limited features available. These solutions also typically lack a comprehensive permissions structure and can only offer limited system setup and configuration options, which is not conducive to delivering a true group wide solution.

Planet eStream is a truly enterprise class solution, offering comprehensive media management and delivery tools, supporting all of your needs in one solution. Reporting is key for groups and trusts and we provide comprehensive tools for you to monitor usage on a global level, as well as on an individual user basis, to enable you to measure success, engagement and deliverable outcomes.

Planet eStream is designed with group wide configuration and your identity, branding and choices in mind to properly support group wide deployment.

Read how Planet eStream has made a difference for some of our groups...

Key Benefits for School Groups and Trusts

Single Installation Serving Multiple Locations

The scalability of Planet eStream is unique, one single server installation, either as part of our cloud platform or as an on premise deployment that can serve multiple locations.

Unique Look and Feel

Each organisation within a group can have their own unique colour scheme, branding, layout and content categories. In addition to this, global areas can be set up to reflect the corporate identity of the group itself.

Unique look and feel with Planet Estream

Unique Name

A chosen name can be applied to the service on a group wide basis and individually, on a per organisation basis. This provides your end users with a friendly name for the service, rather than just a generic product name.

Unique Name with Planet eStream.

Metadata Configuration

Being able to create your own metadata fields is key to a successful group solution, so that end users can easily and consistently find relevant content. With Planet eStream, the metadata choices are limitless and fully user configurable via check boxes, drop down menus, free text entry and radio buttons.

Create your own, custom metadata fields.

Category Choices

The categories and sub categories are also limitless; you can have sub categories of sub categories etc. Most group wide customers set up a series of global categories for their estate, as a valuable shared repository of subject and age specific content, and then also set up their own per organisation category choices. This gives each organisation a lot of autonomy with choices whilst also benefitting from the collaborative benefits of a shared solution.

Planet eStream category management

Flexible Permissions

With Planet eStream, the permissions structure is extremely flexible. End users within individual organisations have the ability to upload content either privately (only for their own individual use), for their organisation’s use only, or publically to the entire group estate. Other access permissions can also be set, for example; age restrictions and staff only access rights.

Flexbile Permissions with Planet eStream

Granular Access Rights

Planet eStream enables schemas to be set up to govern which individual key features users or groups of users have access to. For example, you can allow staff to create interactive videos and quizzes, whereas students would only be consumers of that content.

Granular access rights


Planet eStream can be configured to enable moderation of content added to the system, including uploaded media and comments by designated users. For a group wide solution, this can be at a school level or central group wide admin level.

Collaboration and Sharing

A good central media library should allow your organisations to share content easily with each other and benefit from the collaboration opportunities that this presents. Our groups and trusts using central Planet eStream solutions have seen real benefits from being able to stream key events live to their community, as well as tagging useful curriculum relevant content for use by the community. One of the clever aspects with Planet eStream is the ability to offer all of this to your community without the need to duplicate content and fill valuable storage space.

collaboration and sharing with Planet eStream

Ease of Roll Out

Many solutions for media management have a requirement for dedicated applications to be installed across all devices to support user access, which can be a very time consuming roll out for a group wide deployment. Planet eStream is a server based HTML product with no requirement for individual applications to be rolled out and installed on end user devices.

Ease of Roll out with Planet eStream


When investing in an educational technology solution, an important aspect is the ability to measure tangible return on investment from all perspectives. With Planet eStream, we provide comprehensive tools for you to monitor usage on a global level, as well as on an individual user basis, to enable you to measure success, engagement and deliverable outcomes.


Making Training and Support Easy to Manage

When organisations that are part of a group make autonomous decisions on all technologies deployed, it can create a headache for the central teams that have to manage end user support and training aspects on disparate technologies. There are real measurable benefits to be gained from deploying a central solution, providing cohesive standards for your schools from a roll out perspective as well as ongoing support delivery.

Flexibility to add more Schools or Colleges

We are flexible and scalable in our approach and allow you to add further educational organisations to your central solution at any point during the subscription period, but we only ask you to pay the added premium at subscription renewal to keep things simple.

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All in One Solution

Often educational technology solutions are built to fulfil one piece of a jigsaw and multiple solutions are often deployed to handle media in individual organisations for different applications, such as media library, digital signage, TV recording, access to content, lesson observation etc. Not only is this a costly approach, with multiple annual subscriptions to different products, but it is also not a cohesive approach to support a core digital strategy, as it offers a poor workflow and a high overhead on staff training requirements.

When considering this across a group of schools or organisations it can become untenable to manage, as often individual schools will have made autonomous choices on technology and the problem described multiplies exponentially.

The Planet eStream Unified Video Platform is a secure tool that incorporates key individual requirements for media use in education and brings them together in one cohesive solution, offering real cost savings and a simpler way for educators to deliver video based learning.

In addition to the standard Media Library and Video on Demand features, here are the other pieces of our jigsaw…

Discover how we can Help with your Core Digital StrategyClick on the buttons to the right and navigate through the Planet eStream Unified Video Platform.
FREE Intuitive Live Streaming

Other platforms often have complex live streaming tools that are not user friendly and have associated additional costs to use them. Planet eStream as standard includes FREE, unlimited* and user friendly live streaming tools for your entire estate. Click here for more on Live Streaming

Integrated Digital Signage

Planet eStream includes a comprehensive, sophisticated and scalable digital signage module integrated as standard. This enables you to generate high quality, media rich and engaging content, drawing from the fantastic pool of resources within your media library to enrich your signage designs.

Most other video platforms do not offer integrated digital signage at all and those that do only offer basic content options like Slideshows, with rudimentary scheduling options which will not meet all of your needs.

With Planet eStream, you can either centrally manage or delegate signage creation rights to individuals within your organisations, for individual screens or groups of screens across the estate. You can schedule screens to play different content at different times and dates. There are no per screen licence costs for your organisations - delivering great value for money and potentially saving costs on any pre-existing signage solutions, that you can fully replace by deploying a group wide Planet eStream Unified Video Platform. Click here for more on Digital Signage

Integrated Interactive Learning Tools

Planet eStream includes FREE tools to make your video clips interactive for your students; you can easily add annotations, drawings and questions to any video in your Planet eStream Media Library, as well as to embedded YouTube videos. This provides a powerful way for your schools to engage with students and monitor their progress via powerful built in analytics. Click here for more on Interactive Learning Tools.

FREE access to Great Content**

As well as TV and radio recording and scheduling functionality for your educators, Planet eStream also offers free access to the Planet eStream Connect service, which provides high quality content from the entire BBC Digital and Shakespeare Archives - containing over 1,000,000 TV and radio resources for your schools, as well as sharing and requesting content from the wider Planet eStream community of over 2000 UK educational organisations.

This provides freedom and flexibility with the content that your educators choose to add to your system, rather than filling up storage space with pre-defined and pre-installed content that other platforms often offer, that is not necessarily relevant to the UK curriculum. Click here for more on Planet eStream Connect.

Lesson/Lecture Capture and Observation Tools

Planet eStream includes FREE tools on an unlimited licence basis, to support your schools with flipped and blended learning and provide lesson/lecture capture and observation options. This can offer you flexibility and cost savings, negating the need for separate third party solutions to achieve this objective. Click here for more on Lesson/Lecture Capture and Observation Tools.

Central Repository for Images

Schools need to be able to easily share images between departments, across a group or trust or with parents. Planet eStream offers an image repository for your schools, in addition to handling video based media, and the flexible permissions and schemas enable you to publish these to individuals, groups or across the entire estate. Click here for more on Photosets.

Digital Document Handling

Digital resources are an essential tool for educators and need to be easily accessible to incorporate with other media and assets, to form valuable learning resources for teaching and learning. Planet eStream offers a digital assets repository for your schools, enabling educators to upload and tag these in their own right or associate them to other media content, offering a valuable added benefit to support a core digital strategy. Click here for more on Document Handling.

Free Software Updates as Standard

Our philosophy has always been, and will continue to be, an approach of innovative and agile new development and free exposure to the new features created as part of the annual subscription licence fee. There are NO licence upgrade costs with Planet eStream and you can base your budgets on transparent costs that you can rely on.

UK Based Helpdesk Support

Our support and development team are based in the UK allowing us to respond to your support ticket requests quickly and efficiently. We have always prided ourselves on the high levels of support that we provide and gain constant excellent feedback from our customers. We are always happy to accept logged tickets directly from your schools and from your central team at no additional cost.

*Subject to fair usage policy on bandwidth when using our Cloud Platform

** Access to Planet eStream Connect is subject to holding a licence for Planet eStream that includes the TV and radio recording feature.