Welcome to the Planet eStream Blog

Written by Andrew

Complimentary Hardware for Lecture and Lesson Capture

Budget friendly products to assist Planet eStream users delivering lesson and lecture capture

Written by John

Best Practices with Digital Signage

Hints and tips on how to make the most your digital signage

Written by Tom

Sharing and Embedding Planet eStream Content

Sometimes it is necessary to make content available to users who do not have a login to your platform – this blog will help you create secure links and embed codes.

Written by John

iOS Application Updates

Introducing single sign-on for the Planet eStream Mobile Application for iOS

Written by Andrew

Creating 360 Degree Video for Planet eStream

An introduction to 360 degree cameras, video formats and more..

Written by Andrew

Embedding Content from Google Slides into your Digital Signage

Using Google Slides to create dynamic signage panels

Written by Matt

Planet eStream Digital Signage Content Blog

A quick run through of the changes to Planet eStream Digital Signage content in v6.38

Written by Andrew

Class and Lecture Capture

Hardware options for those looking at lesson and lecture capture

Written by Andrew

New Technology VR/AR/360 Degree Video

A high-level look at some new and emerging technologies

Written by John

Planet eStream - Our Journey with RES

Read about our work with the Research & Education Space Project (RES) to provide access to the BBC’s Digital and Shakespeare Archives

Written by John

Planet eStream: Make it your own

Hint and tips to theme and brand your Planet eStream website

Written by Tom

Planet eStream Advanced Theming / Custom CSS

Discover more about the CSS customisation tools available in Planet eStream v6

Written by Tom

How to Setup and Use the Planet eStream PowerPoint Plugin

Start embedding your Planet eStream content into PowerPoint presentations