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iOS Application Updates

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Single sign-on for the Planet eStream Mobile Application for iOS

A new version of the Planet eStream Mobile Application for iOS has been published to the app store. By updating your application, and updating your Planet eStream installation to version 6.51 (our Cloud customers have automatically been updated), the Planet eStream Mobile Application will allow authentication via Azure/Office365, ADFS, SAML and Google accounts. Previously, only Active Directory and built-in user accounts could be properly authenticated; this update provides SSO functionality to a broader range of our customers that already use one of the above methods to login via Planet eStream.

If your Planet eStream installation is already configured to use any of the methods mentioned, no further setup should be necessary on your end. Simply update Planet eStream (cloud customers will now be on a compatible version) as well as the application itself. The next time you open it, you should see a new front page where you can enter your Planet eStream URL, should it not be saved already. You should then see a login window similar to what you would see in the web interface.

Customers not wishing to update Planet eStream should notice little difference in the authentication process. You may have to re-enter your Planet eStream URL into the new front page after updating the application.

Should you encounter any problems using the new authentication methods, don't hesitate to get in touch with us by email via support@planetestream.co.uk, or by phone on 01274 713415.

Interface Updates

We have also updated some of the application UI and removed outdated/unnecessary elements. Some areas and menus have been redesigned, and overall compatability on different devices and in different orientations should be improved.

Bug Fixes

Various small bug fixes have been implemented based on reports from our customers. This includes fixes such as the creation and editing of photosets, transitions between pages, server connection timeouts, and more. Users should also expect an overall performance boost, especially when using newer Apple devices.

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The Next Steps...

Thinking about implementing Planet eStream in your organisation? Drop your details below and we’ll be in touch.