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Sharing and Embedding Planet eStream Content

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Sharing and Embedding Planet eStream Content

When using a secure media platform it is sometimes necessary to make content available to users who do not have a login to the system. This can present a security issue, as you would not want a user to have anonymous access to the rest of your media. Using the method below makes it simple to share specific media with users outside of your authentication system.

Sharing specific content with anonymous users via http (web link)

To share a specific clip with anonymous users simply view the clip in Planet eStream and select the share icon

Then select Unrestricted Access and choose the length of time that you would like to make the clip available for, then select Bypass Authentication and copy the weblink presented on the left.

This link will now allow users who do not have a login to access the clip for the time specified. It must be noted that the unauthenticated user will not have access to any of the other content or functionality within your Planet eStream platform. This method of sharing can be used with any of your media* including live streams, clips, chapters, playlists, documents and images.

Please note it is also possible to manually embed the content into another web page or web based platform such as a VLE.

Simply check the Create Embed Code tab, copy the embed code and embed into a website of your choice. If you would like to force the user to authenticate when viewing content embedded into another platform, simply check the External Authentication Required checkbox prior to copying the embed code.

*Broadcast media covered by ERA licencing is not permitted to be shared by the method described in this blog.

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