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Creating 360 Degree Video for Planet eStream

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When selecting a 360 degree camera the stated resolution refers to the whole 360 degree image and not the section you are viewing, therefore, the image quality may not be as high quality as expected.

Capture Formats

Most HTML websites, including Planet eStream, prefer equirectangular 360 degree video to be uploaded. This format is an ‘unwrapped’ version of your spherical video, creating a long flat image. This is the output format we are aiming for, and the 360 degree camera you choose will provide options to save the file(s) created as either fisheye, dual fisheye or equirectangular. It is not particularly important which format your camera captures as the conversion to equirectangular can be made using programs such as Adobe Premiere and other free tools which you should receive with your camera. The exception to this is when you need to stream live through your Planet eStream system, for this your camera will need to have live equirectangular output such as the Ricoh range of Theta devices.

Dual Fisheye Example

Two 180 degree lenses displayed side by side

Single Fisheye Example

One extreme fisheye lens capturing the entire 360 degree world

Equirectangular Image

This is the format we are looking to achieve

Popular Camera Options...

GoPro Fusion

  • High quality 5K resolution, waterproof, good mounting options and reasonably priced.
  • Downside - no live output.
  • Good value for money - £559

Ricoh Theta

  • High quality 4K resolution, Live output for live streaming.
  • Higher cost than rivals - £899

Vuze XR

  • High quality 5.7K resolution, in camera stitching, live output for streaming and includes Vuze Vr studio software.
  • Very reasonable price - £399.

Adding 360 Degree Video to Planet eStream

Once you have your equirectangular image and are ready to upload this to your Planet eStream platform, you will need to make sure you have the 360 degree pre-set selected. This will make sure that the playback of the video is correct , selecting a standard video pre-set will result in poor video quality.

If you do not have a 360 degree pre-set available please speak to your Planet eStream administrator or call our support team who will be happy to enable this for you.

Step 1

On your Planet eStream website, navigate to Create > Upload

Step 2

Click on 'Upload Video or Audio Files' and select your 360 degree video from the file browser.

Step 3

Enter your metadata as usual but make sure the 'Media Profile' is set to use the 360 Degree pre-set.

Step 4

To view, simply open your 360 degree video and click the enable 360 degree button.

When using VR devices such as Google Daydream/Cardboard click 'Switch to VR View' under the video player. This will only appear when 360 Degree mode is enabled (Step 4).

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The Next Steps...

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