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Complimentary Hardware for Lecture and Lesson Capture

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Over the summer break, I have looked into devices that compliment Planet eStream‘s Live Encoder application to assist with lecture and lesson capture. The main objective was to find budget friendly products that facilitate a seamless non-technical solution. I believe that the equipment listed in this blog post can assist in creating a simple to use but effective workflow, ideal for users looking to develop their capture provision.

Software – The Planet eStream Live Encoder
  1. A simple to use application
  2. Supports SSO (Single Sign On)
  3. Can be configured to auto-load on system boot up
  4. Compatible with external control devices
  5. Support for multiple video sources— locally attached devices, IP cameras and desktop capture.

External Control - Elgato Stream Deck
  • Simple connectivity via USB
  • Provides customisable LCD keys to launch actions - 6,15 or 32 button options
  • Buttons include support for macros

Camera & Audio - Logitech Group
  • Simple connectivity via USB
  • All in one solution for video and audio
  • Includes a Pan Tilt Zoom HD Camera
  • Included microphone features high quality echo cancelling technology
  • Ability to add additional microphones


Connecting the equipment could not be simpler as they all are USB devices. Driver. The Elgato Stream Deck requires the product application to be downloaded and installed but the Logitech Group does not require a driver.

Planet eStream Configuration

The Elgato’s LCD Buttons can be configured very easily (see Video below) to launch and control the Planet eStream Encoder using the built in keyboard shortcuts - F2 to toggle Start/Stop & F3 to toggle Pause and Resume. The Logitech camera and microphone will appear in the Planet eStream Live Encoder under the Video and Audio settings.

Once configured, the combination of products work well together, creating a very cost-effective and simple to deploy lecture/lesson capture solution. The overview video below shows the setup and configuration and has been created using all the products mentioned in this blog.

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The Next Steps...

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