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Using Mobile Devices for Lesson Capture

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There are certain lesson capture scenarios where the flexibility of mobile devices provides a more suitable, portable option for capturing lesson activity, such as science experiments and vehicle maintenance. It also opens up the option to add external sources to a lesson as remote users can add streams from anywhere in the world.

Our recently launched Lecture and Room capture tools allow users to capture from multiple sources, including cameras, whiteboards and more. Over the past couple of months, we have assisted many educational organisations in setting up lecture and classroom capture using these tools. One of the questions I have been asked is about incorporating streams from mobile devices into the room recordings. This is something that we support on both iOS and Android, and this short blog will take you through how setup mobile devices for capture and highlight a few interesting options for those interested in streaming from mobile devices.

Setting Up A Mobile Device for Capture
  1. Download the Larix Broadcaster app via the app store
  2. Create a New Source in the Planet eStream Room Capture Module and copy the Source Stream URL. N.B it is not necessary to add the Address.
  3. Now Open Larix Broadcaster on your mobile device and click settings and paste the URL you copied from eStream into the URL section. It is also advisable to change the video resolution to 1280x720 and change the bitrate to 1,000 Kbs
  4. The Mobile source can now be added to the room of your choice. When the chosen room is in session, the streams from the Larix Broadcaster can be added by simply pressing the record button on the app.
An example of a multi-source recording that includes a mobile device source - you can also view the actual recording here.

Other RTMP Support Including Drones

Planet eStream is capable of adding most RTMP compatible devices as a source, this opens up a large range of options and recently we successfully tested a live stream from a DJI Drone using their inbuilt streaming support.

Mouting Devices To Assist with Creating High Quality Content When Using Mobile Devices

One of the biggest issues when using mobile devices is image stability – shaky video does not provide a good viewing experience, and often makes content hard to digest. Luckily, there are plenty of mounting options available. We have tested a number of options including…


Gooseneck clamps are a very versatile and inexpensive option. They are extremely simple to use but provide a wide range of flexibility and can be purchased with either a clamp or desk grip.

Tripod Adapters

These are great for very stable mounting if the environment has enough room for a tripod. They offer a good range of movement and can accommodate other equipment, such as lights and microphones.


These are great if the camera is on the move as they add a huge improvement to the stabilisation. Some models also come with a built-in tripod so that they can be mounted on a surface.

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