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Creating Interactive Videos and Quizzes with Planet eStream

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Using the Planet eStream Interactive Video and Quiz Tools

The Planet eStream Interactivity tools allow educators to create interactive video content including questions, drawings, annotations, and links. These interactive videos can then be shared via a web link or by embedding into other platforms, or by using our integration with other common platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Moodle, Canvas and Blackboard, to name a few.

Interactivity can be added to both full videos and video Chapters.

Not only are quizzes and interactive videos useful for homework and formative assessment, but can also be used to create polls or as an engaging classroom tool, where students can be invited to the front of the class and answer questions on the whiteboard or interactive flat-panel.

I have briefly highlighted some of the key functionality of the interactivity tools below:


Educators can add 5 different types of questions to Planet eStream video content, including recorded TV resources and embedded YouTube videos.

  • Multiple choice questions – Add a question with multiple options. The user can then select one or multiple correct answers from the list provided.
  • True or False questions – Add a question with either a true or false answer. True or false can be changed to use other terminology, for example Yes or No.
  • Free Text questions – Add a question without pre-defined options for the answer, the user simply types in their response.
  • Fill-in-the-Blanks Questions – Add a question with a corresponding phrase. Some of the words in the phrase can be ‘blanked out’ and users can then complete the phrase by filling in the blanks.
  • Hotspot Questions – Educators can place markers on a video and the question is answered by selecting the correct area. For example, an educator could ask the learner to ‘Click on the Palisade cell’.

These can be used to link to any other resource on your Planet eStream platform or link externally to a web page. This is handy for sharing documents as part of a video and a dedicated time.


Drawings can be used to highlight specific parts of a frame of video. The video will be paused when the drawing is displayed, and the drawing can also be annotated. For example, an arrow could be drawn to specific parts of a car’s engine.


Add simple annotation overlays to video that are displayed as the video plays. These are useful to try and highlight certain points or explain things in more detail.

All user interaction with the quizzes and interactive elements is retained in Planet eStream, so that educators can review how their learners have performed, identify gaps and also use interactive video as part of formative assessment.

A full overview of the process required to create interactive videos and quizzes can be found on the Planet eStream Academy, along with lots of other training resources, at this link.

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