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How to Setup and Use the Planet eStream PowerPoint Plugin

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About the Add-In

The new version of the Planet eStream PowerPoint add-In has been recreated from the ground up, to give you more flexibility when adding media to your PowerPoint presentations.

Using the add-in, you will be able to add media to your presentation via two methods:

  • Method One (add via embed code):
    This method will allow you to paste embed codes in to the add-in. Embed codes are generated via the share panel on your Planet eStream view page, allowing you to embed private media - content which isn’t available to any other user on Planet eStream. You can, however, make it available to the viewers of your presentation. You can also embed chapters, which are defined segments of your media. This method will take the chapter-specific embed code and insert it in to your presentation.
  • Method Two (add via Search):
    This method will allow you to search your Planet eStream archive directly and embed public media, without having to use an embed code. You can embed videos, off-air recordings (TV shows), playlists, and photosets. The results you receive will be returned from a site-wide search. This is the preferred option for ease of use, for those of you who shy away from using embed codes.
Adding Content

Method One (Add Via Embed Code)

This method requires no configuration of the add-in. To embed content in to PowerPoint via an embed code, perform the following steps:

  • Open your Planet eStream site and locate the media you wish to embed.
  • On the view page of your media, find the share option, and select Share by Embedding. If you would like to embed a chapter, locate your desired chapter and find the share icon, underneath the edit and delete icons to the right. Once the share panel is open, select Create Chapter Embed Code.
  • On the share panel, change your Embed Mode to PowerPoint 2010.
  • Click the box to the right which has the embed code in. This should highlight the whole contents of the box for you.
  • Right click the highlighted text box and click copy.
  • Launch PowerPoint and open your presentation.
  • Open the Add-Ins tab at the top and select Add via Embed Code.
  • Right click select Paste, into the box provided.
  • Click Embed Content.

Congratulations! You have now embedded media into PowerPoint. Running the presentation now by pressing F5 will show you the embedded media.

Method Two (add via Search)

This method requires configuration before you first use it. Please see the Configuration of Your Add-In section below - you may need assistance from your technical administrator for the configuration of this method.

Once configured you can add media to your presentation easily, by following these steps:

  • Launch PowerPoint and open your presentation, or create a new one.
  • Open the Add-Ins tab at the top and select Search and Add from the Planet eStream tool section.
  • Enter a search term in the Search box and click Search.
  • Once the results have finished loading, you can locate the media you wish to embed.
  • Click Select This Recording next to the item you wish to embed. Alternatively, if you would like to see more information about the media before adding it, select More Information next to the item you would like to view. You can now add via the details window.

Congratulations! You have successfully embedded media into PowerPoint. Running the presentation now by pressing F5 will show your embedded media. Depending on your configuration, your media may have automatically started to play.

Requirements for the PowerPoint Add-In

Please ensure you have met the following requirements before installing the PowerPoint add-in:

  • PowerPoint 2010 or newer is installed.
  • Adobe Flash Player 14 or newer is installed.
  • Your Planet eStream installation is updated to version or newer.
  • You can install the add-in with local administrator security rights.
  • To use method two (add via search), the API requires activating on your Planet eStream solution.
Installation of the PowerPoint Add-In

The PowerPoint add-in can be downloaded via the Planet eStream updates page, the details of which can be obtained from Planet eStream support at support@planetestream.co.uk. Our engineers will provide you with the URL, user name and password required to retrieve the download. Before installing the add-in, please make sure you have removed all previous versions, as this will not be done automatically. Once you have acquired the download, extract and run setup.exe, and read and accept the licence agreement. You may also need to install the PowerPoint 2010 tools; the installer will advise you if this is required.

Once installed, launch PowerPoint and open the Add-Ins tab.

Your add-in is now ready to embed content via method one (add via embed code). To be able to use method two (add via search), your add-in requires some further configuration.

Configuration of Your Add-In

Configuring Planet eStream

Please make sure your Planet eStream version is or later before continuing. To find out the version of Planet eStream you are running, you can hover over the Planet eStream logo within the footer of your homepage located after “Powered by”. Once you are happy your Planet eStream version is adequate, you need to enable the API:

  • Login to your Planet eStream website as an admin user.
  • Go to Tools and then Admin.
  • Under System Options, select Licence Keys.
  • Make sure the Planet eStream API is enabled. You may need to contact Planet eStream support for your licence key.
  • Click Admin Home at the top and browse to Planet eStream API under the Integrations heading.
  • Note down the API Key and the API URL. The API URL will look something similar to:
    A - http://server.host/Api/6.04/Search/
    B - /Api/6.04/Search

If your API URL looks like B, make sure the External Host Name is entered in the General page of your Admin area. This needs to match your Planet eStream URL, even if your site is not externally accessible.

Once this is done, return to the Planet eStream API page.

  • Select an API User to use when searching for results. Whilst searching you will only receive results of which this user has the rights to view.
  • It is recommended, for added security, that you specify Permitted IPs. These can be in the form of wildcards, for example 10.* or 172.16.*.
  • Click Save.
  • Your API Status should now be set to active.

Your Planet eStream is now ready to accept incoming requests from the PowerPoint add-in.

Configuring the Add-In

To configure the add-in please perform the following steps:

  • Launch PowerPoint and open the Add-Ins tab at the top.
  • Click Search and Add from the Planet eStream tools section.
  • As the add-in has yet to be configured, you will be presented with the configuration panel. If you are not presented with the configuration panel, click Edit Settings in the top right of your Search window.
  • Enter the API URL and API Key as previously noted in the section above.
  • Select a Max Number of Results. This option determines the total number of results which will be retrieved from your Planet eStream server when making searches.
  • Select how you wish the results to be ordered, by changing the value in Order By.
  • If you would like your media to start playing back automatically when a presentation is launched, select TRUE on Autostart Playback. If FALSE is selected you will be required to press play in your presentation before the media will start.
  • Click Save Settings. You will now be presented with the search page. Please follow the instructions under the Adding Content section of this guide to correctly add content to your presentation.

If you have any problems or any questions about the setup of the PowerPoint plugin, please contact Planet eStream support.

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