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Embedding Content from Google Slides into your Digital Signage

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We are often asked by our customers if it is possible to allow users without login details for their Planet eStream to be able to edit particular elements of a signage screen, e.g. menu changes in the dining hall.

One of Planet eStream’s digital signage strengths is its ability to allow specific users access to specific screens and content. Within the Planet eStream Signage platform is the ability to use external sources/tools to influence the digital signage content.

For example, an institution may create a theme which is applied to all their signage screens, but would like the catering manager to change the menu items when appropriate. This is a very simple task using external tools such as Google Slides.

Using Google Slides to Create Dynamic Signage Panels

You will require a Google login - if you use Gmail you will already have one.

Launch Google Slides; this can be found via the Google Apps icon or searching for “Google Slides.”

Then design your content - in this case I will be creating a menu in Google Slides by adding it as an asset in Planet eStream’s digital signage.

1. Design menu in Google Slides.

2. Select File > Publish To Web then select the ‘Embed’ tab and copy the embed code.

3. Go to your Planet eStream signage and open the screen design you wish to add the menu to. Add a panel for Google Slides and paste the embed code into the box. You will also want to specify, in minutes, how often you want the design to refresh. This ensures that the changes made to the Google document are passed through to the signage.

4. Preview - your menu should now be visible in your signage designer.

5. Now all that is required is to share the Google Slide (Menu) you created with your catering manager; when they make changes to the menu in Google Slides they will be dynamically reflected in your eStream digital signage.

View the Video below

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