lecture Capture

Lecture and Classroom Capture

Support remote and distance learning by streaming and recording interactive lectures and lessons, providing students with full access to their lectures and lessons online. Users can participate and make private notes whilst viewing; educators can then upload supporting documents to accompany the recording for on demand viewing. Planet eStream supports capture from single or multiple sources from a variety of inputs; these include attached video devices such as cameras, computer desktop and IP video streams.

Live Capture and Recording

The Planet eStream Live Encoder tool is a flexible application for live broadcasting and recording. It is ideal for those looking to make lessons or lectures available to students live or on demand. With an unlimited use license it is also extremely cost effective, ideal for site wide deployment and supports many inexpensive standard capture devices.

Quick Look

Discover live streaming with Planet eStream and applications such as event broadcast, lecture capture and lesson observation.

The Planet eStream Live Encoder Tool

“Our financial management courses can be particularly challenging. The topics are very technical and involve complex numerical elements, which can prove difficult for students to process at first. Planet eStream’s lecture capture functionality has helped me reinforce my teaching by giving students the opportunity to go over lectures again and review important details they may have missed, or would like to reinforce.” Karen Glide, Lecturer in Accounting Studies, Somerset College

Flipped Learning

Planet eStream supports your pedagogy; live lessons, skills based sessions and tutorials can be recorded easily and made available on demand for access by students for flipped and blended learning applications.

Flipped Learning with Planet eStream

“We encourage students to come to lessons with a better understanding of the topic that is about to be discussed. A rather fun example of this flipped learning was during a recent Year 7 fairy cake-making competition. Our chef uploaded a tutorial video to Firefly via the Planet eStream app demonstrating how to make fairy cakes, so students came to the competition prepared.” Caroline Winship, E-Learning Coordinator, Loughborough Endowed Schools

Flexible Capture Options

Choose to capture live video from local devices such as capture cards or USB dongles, IP network streams, and desktop screen capture for great flexibility. Planet eStream also supports directly connected audio devices such as microphones or audio mixers plus audio embedded into IP streams.

“The LTU team has a mission to provide staff and students with easy access to information and Planet eStream has been instrumental in facilitating this. Several departments now record practical skills demonstrations and classroom teaching and add their recordings to Planet eStream for learners to view on demand. ” Robert Hutton, LTU Manager, Barnsley College

Capture from Multiple Sources

A great feature of Planet eStream, designed specifically for lecture capture applications is ‘Picture in Picture’ capture mode. This offers the ability to select two sources to either record for on demand access, or stream live. When delivering your lectures or lessons it’s a huge benefit to your audience if they can clearly see both the presenter and any presentation material simultaneously.

Capture from Multiple Sources

“Our science department have been able to use the screen capture software alongside other recording devices to capture presentations and experiments simultaneously. This provides a valuable revision resource, the uptake of which can be monitored by teaching staff through the built-in analytics functions. ” Sam Adams, ICT Technician, Oxford Spires Academy

Viewer Interaction

Planet eStream offers excellent tools for encouraging engagement and discussion, viewers can participate via the global commenting feature. This tool enables participants to comment during live broadcasts and either educators or other viewers can respond. All comments are embedded on the on-demand recording so retrospective viewers can see the interaction and jump to the relevant sections of the recording where comments were made. Access to the commenting tool is controlled via Planet eStream’s permissions structure, but comments can also be moderated ensuring there is full control.

Viewer Interaction

“It is inevitable that some lectures will be repeated across multiple groups and eStream gives us the option of being able to record a session, which can then easily be delivered as Directed Study to the remaining groups. This content can also be used across levels as pre-knowledge or as part of stretch and challenge activities, and it can potentially be used for several academic years before it would need updating. ” Neil Prior – Head of E-learning – Berkshire College of Agriculture