Barnsley College

Case Study : Barnsley College

A multitude of uses for Planet eStream at award winning Barsnley College

Planet eStream customer Barnsley College has been awarded one of the prestigious Beacon Status Awards from the Learning and Skills Improvement Service. In November 2010 the College was also recognised by Ofsted as one of the best colleges in the UK. As part of the Ofsted inspection, several classes were observed using Planet eStream. This proved to be very useful for inspection purposes.

Robert Hutton, Learning Technologies Unit (LTU) Manager said the College has been using Planet eStream for the last two years and in that time all of the departments have been recording and encoding videos to their own designated 'Category' area of the system. The 'Category' feature enables the creation of repositories of subject relevant clips. Media added to the central archive on an ongoing basis containing a subject relevant keyword auto populates the department category building a very useful resource which Barnsley College have found invaluable.

The LTU team has a mission to provide staff and students with easy access to information and Planet eStream has been instrumental in facilitating this. Robert said "Several departments now record practical skills demonstrations and classroom teaching and add their recordings to Planet eStream for learners to view on demand. For example, the hair and beauty department have produced skills development videos which are now available within the Planet eStream environment and are also embedded into our VLE for students to view."

Ofsted found that continuing professional development was comprehensive and met teachers' needs to improve their work. Robert said "The College has recorded a range of teachers delivering outstanding lessons and uploaded them to Planet eStream so that other teachers can view good practice in action.

The LTU provides support throughout the college, encouraging staff and students and engaging them in the uses of Interactive Learning Technologies (ILT). Robert said "Planet eStream is an excellent product and the support we have received has been great. This system has increased the use of ILT and I can measure the impact from the scheme of work/lesson plan to the number of views on the Planet e-Stream system."

Planet eStream is also used extensively in Barnsley College's TV studio – also installed and supplied by Planet PC. Sales Director Andrew Milburn said "We installed a Planet eStream encoding station in the TV studio gallery so that the production team could easily capture and live stream productions and events as part of their sophisticated facilities."

The College have used Planet eStream extensively for both internal and external college broadcasts. Recent examples have ranged from a business master-class for students by BBC's Apprentice contestant Leon Doyle to national events involving local MPs and South Yorkshire Police.

Curriculum and Quality Leader for Creative Media, Sam Wilson, said "Using Planet eStream allows us to widen participation in live events by being able to stream round the college and onto the web, enabling us to give our students the true live broadcast experience to a potential worldwide audience."

"The resources we have for TV production at Barnsley College are second to none. With the added benefit of the live broadcast through Planet eStream, we are attracting a wide range of possible partners for live student projects, including local businesses, media training organisations and even an online shopping channel."