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Testimonial : Manchester High School For Girls

From: Jonathan Haves

Our teaching staff love Video on Demand across the school, the ease and speed at which broadcast programmes are made widely available and being able to schedule their own recordings. Our school blogs are now enriched by captured video and photosets delivered from the eStream server. Parents and Grandparents have been able to share in the school's Sports Day with live broadcasting from the school field via the mobile encoder and (later that same evening) watch the event back with their daughter via our Learning Platform. We have streamed concerts live across Europe with visiting choirs from Austria and Sweden and sent video messages from our pupils to our linked school in Taiwan. And guests now stand and watch our Reception screen to read the latest school news and view videos of recent activities.

Manchester High School For girls

From an administrator's point of view – eStream is very easy to manage. I can rapidly respond to recording requests, encoding is simple and efficient, changing and managing digital signage not a drain on my time resources and, once the initial setup was complete, system administration has been minimal.

Would I recommend eStream to other schools – I already have!"