Securely Observe and record classroom activity with Planet eStream

Lesson Observation

Securely observe and record classroom activity for security, control, and staff professional development. Planet eStream’s intuitive tools enable the simple live capture and live streaming of lessons to specific users for viewing, time stamped commenting and review purposes.

Classroom Monitoring

Planet eStream makes classroom monitoring for behavioural observation, security, peer review and creation of ‘best practise’ materials for CPD a simple and secure process.

Users can select up to 2 live inputs such as two cameras or one camera and the teacher’s desktop/interactive white board to either record or stream live. Authorised reviewers can watch from within your organisation or a remote location. They can provide their feedback via the innovative comments feature which can be reviewed by only authenticated users, maintaining confidentiality. Comments act as markers in the video recording, offering the ability to jump straight to the point at which the comment was made during the review process.

Recordings that highlight good practise can then be shared with peers and also archived for use with future CPD opportunities.

Planet eStream making lesson observation simple.

The LTU team has a mission to provide staff and students with easy access to information and Planet eStream has been instrumental in facilitating this. Several departments now record practical skills demonstrations and classroom teaching and add their recordings to Planet eStream for learners to view on demand The College has also recorded a range of teachers delivering outstanding lessons and uploaded them to Planet eStream so that other teachers can view good practice in action. Robert Hutton - LTU Manager- Barnsley College

Recording Classes for On Demand Access

Users can also record skills based and practical sessions for on demand access and revision resources, they can also archive these for future reference for students to assess their own performance.

Quick Look

Discover live streaming with Planet eStream and applications such as event broadcast, lecture capture and lesson observation.

Recording Classes for on demand access

Teaching and coaching staff also use eStream to display and share videos with examples of good practice, so users can be confident they are getting the correct information from a trusted source. The Sports department has even had their students record each other practicing skills, upload the videos to eStream, and then create chapters describing and analysing each skill they performed. Naomi Elliott – Head of Library & Learning Resources – City of Bath College

Our science department have been able to use the screen capture software alongside other recording devices to capture presentations and experiments simultaneously. This provides a valuable revision resource, the uptake of which can be monitored by teaching staff through the built-in analytics functions. Sam Adams, ICT Technician, Oxford Spires Academy