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Create your own ‘YouTube’ style web based platform to provide simple around the clock access to your media library for both educators and students. Make your media library more than just a video repository. The flexible format support enables users to upload a whole range of digital assets including videos, photos, audio and documents. Built in learning tools, designed specifically for education dramatically increases student engagement and flips the traditional passive video viewing model into an interactive and active learning experience.

Create your own ‘YouTube’ Style Media Library

Planet eStream’s flexibility to upload practically any digital media asset is unrivalled. This ease of upload, coupled with an intuitive, customisable and responsive HTML5 interface delivers a truly user friendly experience. Staff and students can easily upload their own content and browse and view available content seamlessly.

Create your very own media library with Planet eStream

“The absolute beauty of Planet eStream is that it is an incredibly sophisticated product, which is also very easy to use. At its simplest level, it makes media storage and sharing easy, but you can also dive deeper and use more complex tools to create and share content and bespoke learning resources.” Cat Scutt, Head of Learning Technology and Innovation, Girls’ Day School Trust

“With Planet eStream, we now have one central database where all student presentation videos can be found, instead of on VHS and DVDs scattered around teaching staff and departments. This increased flexibility and accessibility in using recordings has encouraged and enabled more curriculum areas to make better use of ILT, enhancing the learning experience for all learners" Naomi Elliott, Head of Library and Learning Resources, Bath College

Populating your Planet eStream Media Library

Planet eStream offers the most comprehensive set of tools available for uploading content, making it the most complete digital asset management solution. Here are some of the methods available for adding content to Planet eStream...

  • Digitise existing physical media libraries e.g. DVD, Blu-Ray etc.
  • Upload video files from desktops, tablets or smartphones
  • Add still images and photos to create Photosets - Read More Here
  • Record directly from your Webcam or built-in camera
  • Stream live and upload an on demand version simultaneously - Read More Here
  • Browse and add Freeview television and radio recordings - Read More Here
  • Discover and add content from the Planet eStream community and the BBC Digital and Shakespeare archives - Read More Here
  • Upload your PDFs, Microsoft Office and other digital document types - Read More Here
  • Create and upload screen captures from your own computer
  • Add PowerPoint presentations
  • Batch upload content
  • Embed and organise content from external platforms such as YouTube as part of your media library, this content can be tagged, searched and categorised like any other library item
  • 360 Degree video support
Device iPad

Quick Look Video – Planet eStream Media Library

Learn how easy it is to create your own secure ‘YouTube’ style media library with Planet eStream.

The Planet eStream Web Recorder

A game changing tool for educators and students, enabling recording of video content directly from the web browser without any need to roll out dedicated applications.

Working in Google Chrome, on either Windows or Mac computers, users can now record from attached live sources including cameras and video capture devices. You can also capture your desktop/screen and even record two inputs simultaneously using the picture in picture function.

This is a fantastic tool to support educators in creating tutorials, learning resources and in providing video feedback to students. Students can create their own video based assignment submissions and enrich their project work with video content.

The Planet eStream Web Recorder is also accessible via selected VLE plugins – find out more about VLE plugins here

Planet eStream Web Recorder

Content Management Tools…

Planet eStream offers a wide selection of intuitive tools to assist educators in streamlining the delivery and integration of their video content in teaching and learning resources to facilitate student engagement. All content management tools are available via Planet eStream’s HTML5 web interface, making them easily accessible from any location and any device.

Edit Video

Cut together your own video resources for use within a particular class activity or event, combine clips from multiple videos, remove adverts or unwanted sections from TV recordings, or simply neaten up videos with the built-in online editor.

The multi-track video editor also allows you to add custom audio tracks, titles and record commentary on the fly with the built-in voice over tool. It is incredibly simple to use so your users do not require prior video editing knowledge to take advantage of it.

Edit Videos with Planet eStream

Create Chapters

Most video content recorded from TV or digitised from existing media is in long form and to maximise teaching impact, it is necessary for educators to have the tools available to create clips or short snippets that drill down to the learning objective that they need to highlight. Chapter creation is one of the features used most widely by the Planet eStream community. Users can simply select where they want their chapter to start and finish, give it a name and even a description. Once created this chapter is permanently associated with this recording and can be shared, embedded and incorporated into playlists, just like any other item in your library. Chapters are a great way of directing viewer focus to the areas of importance and are commonly used when delivering video as part of flipped learning.

Create Chapters in Planet eStream

Create Photosets

Photosets offer a simple but effective option for adding multiple images and photos to the Planet eStream Media Library. Users can upload a series of images to create a photoset; this can either be as individual images, a zip file or even a PowerPoint presentation. The images can then be tagged with relevant metadata to make them searchable and sharable like any other digital asset within the Planet eStream media library. Viewers can choose to view images individually or as a slide show and there is also the option to allow users to download individual images from photosets.

The Planet eStream Photo Module provides advanced photo management and includes all the tools required to create a dedicated image library. Find out more here

Photosets in Planet eStream

Add Slide Shows

Accompany any video with a slide show. Simply upload images or a PowerPoint file and set the timing of the slides alongside the video using the online slide show editor.

Create Slideshows with Planet eStream

Add Commentary and Notes

Users can choose to add personal notes or public comments to media assets. Comments are a great way for users to interact, generate discussion and for educators to highlight areas of interest. All comments and notes are locked to the specific time they were made allowing your users to jump straight to their corresponding location in the video.

Add comments and notes easily in Planet eStream

Create Playlists

Educators can now easily aggregate assets into their own playlists to either send to students in advance of lessons to support flipped learning or for use within face to face teaching scenarios.

Create Playlists with Planet eStream

Add Questions

Educators can further engage with students by adding interactive elements to their video content, this can be in the form of questions, annotations, drawings and links. More information on this feature can be found here.

Add Questions to your Planet eStream content.

Associate Other Media

As well as uploading documents, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations in their own right as individual assets, educators can also add any type of supporting material by uploading digital assets as ‘related media’ to accompany video items. This is a great way to distribute lecture notes and example test questions.

Upload all kinds of media with Planet eStream

“Teaching staff have praised the ease with which they can rename or delete videos and create playlists and chapters, which in turn enables them to structure individual lessons to suit specific learning goals. It is also easy to add notes and other resources to videos to create composite lessons.” Donna Vaughan, Curriculum Services Team, C2k NI

Share and Embed your Media

All content on Planet eStream can be shared, either by web links or embed codes. Web links allow simple distribution of content, embed codes offer your users the ability to take their selected content and directly embed this into other platforms such as VLEs/LMSs and websites. Both methods have the ability to remove permission based restrictions or bypass any authentication to make sure the content is viewable by the chosen audience.

Planet eStream also enables your users to create ‘widgets’ and embed these into other platforms. Widgets can take the form of a carousel, slider or grid and contain thumbnail links to specific content that is user defined and completely customisable. A common example of how Planet eStream users make use of this feature is the creation of a widget for a specific subject category or course category within Planet eStream with the instruction to populate it with recently added content. The widget would then be embedded into a course page within their chosen platform i.e. a VLE and dynamically updates as new media is added to that specific subject category. This is a great way of syndicating fresh curriculum relevant media content via your VLE course or subject pages without ongoing administration or time overhead by your staff.

Embed your media into any VLE or Learning Platform.

We have specific plugins with enhanced functionality available for the following VLEs.

Planet estream and enhanced VLE functionality

“Being able to embed TV programmes, photosets and videos into Moodle has definitely widened our teaching scope. The fact that playlists are quick and easy to build using Planet eStream and then embed into Moodle is proving invaluable, too.” Naomi Elliott, Head of Library and Resources, Bath College

Control your Media

Any media library will grow exponentially over time, it is therefore imperative that content is indexed and stored in a structure that suits your organisation from the outset. As an ‘out of the box’ solution you can opt to implement the built in settings as a default or have complete control over the libraries look, feel and structure. This includes the tools to create an organised category tree with infinite sub categories and custom metadata fields for tagging content. These custom metadata fields can take the form of check boxes, radio buttons, drop down lists, and free text, as well as the ability to make certain fields mandatory. These custom fields also make it easy for end users to mark content as private or for staff use only and to rate content as suitable for different age ranges of students.

By combining integration with your chosen authentication method and the flexible permissions structure that Planet eStream offers, administrators can easily control what content users can access. This allows access to certain media to be restricted, for example staff only or age related policies. You can read more about permissions and supported authentication options for Planet eStream here .

Share and Embed your media with planet estream

"The ability to filter access through active directory groups has enabled colleagues to ensure content is suitable for different age groups and abilities. For example, the PSHE teachers are able to direct students to age appropriate resources by setting playlist controls." Sam Adams – Oxford Spires Academy


Recording from either Freeview television or from the BBC Digital Archive will automatically attach subtitles where they are available. There are also advanced options in Planet eStream for users to upload their own subtitles in the form of SRT files. There is support for multiple subtitles, giving users the option to not only toggle them on and off but also select which set of subtitles they require.

Subtitle Searching
The Planet eStream Subtitle Search tool enables your educators to search the spoken words within subtitles for a keyword and the search results returned will provide the exact location in the video where the keyword is featured. This feature is great for creating really targeted playlists and chapters to support a specific learning objective.
Subtitles attached to a Planet eStream Connect video

Media Library Info Sheet

Key Highlights of the Planet eStream Media Library