Planet eStream supports mobile devices

Mobile Device Support

Recent studies show that 1 in 5 millennials exclusively access the internet via mobile devices, this makes compatibility with these types of devices imperative for any educational tool. Planet eStream users can get full access using any modern web browser, plus the interface has been engineered to scale to whatever device is being used. This means users can fully access Planet eStream without the requirement for device specific applications. Live streaming has also been optimised for mobile devices by using HLS Live streaming, meaning users can view live broadcasts from any device.

Access Content from any Device

With 1 in 5 millennials now exclusively using mobile devices to access the internet, flexible mobile device support is imperative. Built with a responsive web interface that delivers the same user experience across all devices, Planet eStream is accessible from anywhere and from any device natively, without the requirement to deploy applications.

“Teachers and students are making more and more use of mobile devices to create their own video content, and video has become an integral feature of learning within our schools. Planet eStream enables us to take things further by enhancing video creation, use and sharing within the schools network.” Cat Scutt, Head of Learning Technology and Innovation, Girls’ Day School Trust

“Access to our fantastic and bespoke online tools is enabled by the use of Google Chromebooks to replace our current Galaxy Tablet scheme. As we realise this vision Planet eStream is an essential part of it. Without this tool we would be unable to offer video on ‘all’ devices in the consistent and easily accessible way we intend. " Phil Spoors – Assistant Head Teacher – Cramlington Learning Village

Mobile Apps

Although Planet eStream can be accessed via any modern web browser and typically, most of our users now take advantage of our responsive HTML5 interface to upload content in this way; there are also specific mobile applications available designed for both Apple and Android. These act as simple upload tools for users, perfect for student groups that are uploading media.