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Existing customers can contact support on 01274 713425 or email

All customers can rest assured that they will receive a premium support service with no restrictions on how many times you can contact us within a 12 month period. We are happy to hear from any of your staff ranging from technicians to non-technical personnel.

We aim to respond within 4-6 hours of receiving a request for support, often even faster - Our support team work closely with our development team to ensure that feature requests suggested by customers are considered and responded to.

Click here to start a remote desktop session using TeamViewer, which will download when clicking on the link. Please then provide the ID and password to your Planet eStream support technician.

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The online training academy to support your Planet eStream experience.

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View our new range of technical documents to help you get the most out of Planet eStream, including 'how to' and 'system specification' guides

Planet eStream and GDPR

Visit our dedicated GDPR page to view our white paper, Data Processing Agreement and DfE Self Certification documents

Planet eStream Accessibility Whitepaper

This whitepaper aims to articulate how Planet eStream already supports accessibility, provide a detailed overview of recent accessibility legislation, the key date milestones to be adhered to and how the Planet eStream development roadmap supports that legislation.

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We issue notices via email to our user group when new Planet eStream updates are released. The emails contain details on how to apply the update and details of new features and changes.

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Search the Planet eStream Knowledge Base for answers to frequently asked questions, detailed feature-based articles and hardware configuration guides.

Planet eStream User Forum
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Read our latest technology blog posts. Focusing on how Planet eStream supports specific teaching practices and educational technology in general.

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Extend the capabilities of your Virtual Learning Environment or Wordpress blog presentations by installing our free plugins, allowing you to embed videos and other content directly from your Planet eStream library.

As a learning innovation manager in a large and busy college, I know that one of the most important aspects of any externally hosted systems we make use of is the quality of the technical advice and assistance we get from their support teams. However perfect a system may be, problems inevitably occur and questions arise and we rely on their assistance both to keep everything running smoothly and to develop new tools and features. In the four years we've been using eStream as our video sharing platform, I can honestly say that the support that we get from Tim, John, Kurtis and Alex is absolutely second to none. They are always available to speak to, easy to contact (no long recorded introductory messages on phone calls!) extremely knowledgeable, patient, caring, easy to talk to and find solutions to every technical query within the shortest of timeframes. The progress we've made over this period with their continuing help and support is incredible and because of them, we never hesitate to tell others in the education sector that Planet eStream is the best platform of its kind around with the best support systems humanly possible.

Gerard Elder
Learning Innovation Manager

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