Ways to buy planet estream

Planet eStream, Your Way

There is an appetite for both locally hosted and cloud hosted video platforms and each option has its own merits dependant on your requirements and priorities. We are flexible in our approach and can offer either of these choices for you with Planet eStream, take a look at the considerations below and feel free to call one of our experts to discuss the best fit for you.

Who Should Choose a Locally Hosted Planet eStream Platform?

A locally hosted solution is installed and configured on your own physical or virtual server, this is a perfect choice for organisations who...

  • Prefer to keep their systems in house
  • Want to keep full control of their video platform including security
  • Feel more comfortable keeping critical data in house
  • Roll out software updates when it suits them
  • Want to build a large media library
  • Want to migrate from another video platform and already have a large amount of content to migrate
  • Have limited internet connectivity
  • Want to deliver content primarily to internal audiences
  • Have a regular requirement for live streaming particularly to an internal audience i.e. Lecture capture
  • Have already invested heavily in server infrastructure for local systems
Locally hosted Planet eStream Solution

Who Should Choose our Planet eStream Cloud Platform?

Planet eStream delivered from our cloud platform is a perfect choice for organisations who...

  • Want to reduce their IT overhead
  • Want to reduce environmental impact
  • Organisations looking to embed content into Microsoft OneNote and Sway
  • Who have no budget available for servers or storage to host a platform themselves
  • Do not have the physical space available
  • Need a platform up and running quickly with easy setup
  • Want a simple scalable solution
  • Require automatic and multiple backups
  • Prefer an automatic software update policy
  • Regularly need to deliver video content to external audiences
Cloud Hosted Planet eStream Solution

Bespoke Planet eStream Video Platform Option

Planet eStream is also perfect for groups of schools who want to centralise their media content and benefit from collaborative opportunities on a unified video platform, we would be delighted to discuss our scalable licensing and hosting options.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of Planet eStream for school groups and trusts

Bespoke Planet eStream Solution